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Generate drivers license barcodes that are identical to real drivers licenses and valid on all barcode scanners. Our industry-leading barcode generator features advanced data processing, automatic field generation, bulk generation, and more.


Every barcode generator claims their barcodes are identical to real drivers licenses. Ours really are.

There are hundreds of different ways to generate PDF417 barcode that are valid and decode the exact same data but are physically different. Every PDF417 library uses different algorithms to generate their barcodes, and every jurisdiction has their own algorithms to encode the data differently. We are the only service on the market that is reverse-engineering each jurisdiction's unique PDF417 encoding algorithm.

We have analyzed and reverse-engineered thousands of real barcodes to ensure our barcodes are formatted and encoded identical to the barcodes on real drivers licenses. Our generator will also automatically and accurately generate any information including the drivers license number, document discriminator, inventory control number, audit information, etc. Our barcodes are identical to real drivers license barcodes and will pass as valid on all scanners.



Automatic Field Generation

Our barcode generator will automatically generate fields such as the drivers license number, document discriminators, dates, and behind-the-scenes data elements. Many of these data elements use advanced encoding algorithms that we have reverse-engineered.

Valid on All Scanners

The barcodes that are created using our service are indistinguishable to those created by issuing authorities. They will pass as valid on all scanners including BCS, Intellicheck, Veriscan, and more.

Advanced Data Processing

All information goes through our advanced data processing which will appropriately format, truncate, and encode the data. You do not need to worry about entering the data exactly as it will appear in the barcode.

Always Updated

All jurisdictions are kept up-to-date as issuing authorities release new barcode revisions. The generated barcode will always be consistent with the jurisdiction's current-issue and AAMVA standards, passing as valid on all scanners.